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I have gotten some emails lately asking me how to get my wife/girlfriend in the mood for sex. I will share with you some of the things that work for me because lets face it, we are all human and there are times when we are just not in the right mood to have sex.

1. Even though it is so nice to be spontaneous, its not realistic at times when so many families/couples have busy lives. Be aware of when your wife/girlfriend is the most relaxed. If weekends are when she is less busy than make attempts then instead of when you know she is running around like a man women. So, just pay attention to timing.

2. I would say don’t go straight for the body parts. I love all over body massages so try where you think she is tense first and make her feel like you really care about how she feels and vice versa. I always try to make the other feel like I understand they are tired and to just relax.

3. Remember those romantic touches even though they may be annoying to you. It will go a very long way with her. It can be something as simple as leaving her a note on her pillow at night or simply telling her how much she means to you. It doesn’t have to anything bought.

4. The most important thing to me is just to simply make it fun. Laugh together, make each other smile, and make eye contact. Sex is suppose to be enjoyable, not just simply who can have an orgasm quickly. If you make it more enjoyable, the orgasms should become more intense. At least they are for me when I am having a good time and relaxed and not just going through the motions.

Most of these are just common sense but all things we need to be reminded of. Hope this helps you get some warm, wet sex now


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