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I failed to mention that I got  new tattoo when I was in Las Vegas a  few weeks ago. It is small and very feminine. It is three lavender colored flowers on the back of my neck.  I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and finally took the time to do it. It has special meaning to me, in honor of my family. It has a very Hawaiian look and I think you guys will find it sexy too 🙂 I’ll post some photos soon of it. If you came to my last live show I showed it to everyone for a second which is now archived in my members area.

Two brand new XXX boy-girl videos went up of me yesterday and today.  Let me relax you  and take your worries away 🙂 Well, even if its for a short while! I also am making my members area much more interactive with more changes to come soon. You can now comment on every single photoset/video and tell me what you think and like/dislike.  I read every single comment that comes in too because I am the approval lady so talk to me boys!!! 🙂 Girls too!!!

Thats about all for today.  I feel like a travel agent today making arrangements for shoots, conventions, ect…. I like it though, wearing many different hats. I love staying busy, if I not I get easily bored and ansty.

I’m hoping your day is a happy one! I have tons to get done this weekend before Monday… Brandon is having surgery Monday so I will be at the hospital with him all day. Send him some good wishes if you have time.


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  1. TikiDude

    I noticed the comments on the videos, etc. I left a few words on some of my favorite ones 🙂 and hats – now that’s what we don’t see you wear very often! I’d like to see a vid with that theme! And brandon- good luck dude!

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