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Catalina Cruz Blog

Catalina Cruz Blog
A part of my lifestyle is dedicated to motocross. Here and there you may have read me mentioning that I am off to the motocross track. Here are a few pics I took when I went up to the Sedona area this past weekend. Stopped at a track for a local race. It was not as packed as races are usually. I still am in awe of the landscape here in AZ too. Just thought I’d share with you one of my past times. Dangerous sport of course and I am always getting mixed feelings on whether we should stay involved but we always seem to go back to it. It is a passion and love. Of course a great escape to working on the internet too. Computers can drive you insane! 🙂

I have a live cam show tomorrow night Tuesday, May 19th at 10pm est. This will be my first night show for the summer. I have been doing them during the day for awhile now. Hope you will stop by and play w/ me. I’ll help relax you before bedtime.

Thats all for now. I have so much to get done and prepare before I leave for LA for a week. I fly out this coming Friday. Fingers crossed that there will be no more earthquakes there for awhile. I am a bit freaked out to go now. By brother lives there and he and his wife are thinking they are going to move back to Ohio because it makes them too nervous of not knowing when the next one will be and how large it will be.

So, on that lovely thought… I will leave you.

All my lovin’

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