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I already had a live cam show this morning and wore my “Smile if you are not wearing panties” t-shirt with tight jeans of course with no panties to go along with the theme. I had a really good time today to say the least. G-spot vibrators rock!

Before my show I went over my office and the new issue of AVN online magazine came, it’s an adult industry webmaster mag. I am on the cover of it with a feature inside too. It’s the “Whats Hot” issue. Very, very proud to have been chosen for this issue. Last year, they chose Tera Patrick so to me its a very nice compliment and I like the way the story came out too. Just wanted to share it with you all.

I’m leaving for Las Vegas this Thursday for play and work… ok mostly play but the camera crew will be with me at times too:) Going for the Supercross and the boxing match. I will keep up with you all while I am there in the members area and on twitter some too of course.

Stay happy and healthy everyone! They go hand in hand in my opinion. Wash you hands often too… so you don’t get sick with the swine flu or any flu for the matter:)


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5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz magazine cover

  1. Mark..aka..Doeboy

    Congrats Cat. Thats so awesome and cool. You look very very beautiful on there. You always have. 🙂

  2. Daniel

    Do you know what’s hot? you, wish you the best at Vegas stay happy and healthy you too my hot girl. Please I don’t want you to get sick. Remember I love you.

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