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It’s almost three in the afternoon and I still feel like it is morning. I can’t seem to wake up fully. I was at a night motocross race last night from about 3pm til 11pm or so. The track wasn’t organized at all for this race, when they were posting the results, the placements weren’t correct and they had some riders listed on the wrong bike/number. It was insane. These young kids just work their butts off to get ready to race and then it doesn’t really matter because the standings aren’t right. To me, I just love to watch and ride for fun to get away from work and life but I just felt bad for the young kids.

I leave for California this week. I’ll be there to shoot tons of naughty videos/photos and also for a regional motocross race. Looking forward to shooting with one of my favorite photographers. I need to give him some extra lovin’ because unfortunately at one of our productions very recently, ten police officers showed up! (yes, ten!) A nosey neighbor whom lives pretty far from the location they were at has an issue with the owners. They must of had binoculars from that far:) Geez!! I was suppose to be there that day shooting but had to switch things up and I am going this coming week instead. Strange how things work sometimes. So, as of lately my days have been full of adventure and never a dull moment.

My next live cam show is this coming Tuesday, June 3rd at 10pm est. It will be a solo toy show.

I need to relax today, I am off to spend the rest of the afternoon in my pool. I haven’t been using my new rock waterfall slide yet for the summer so today is the day. I’ll snap some photos of me getting wet:)

Enjoy your day before Monday rolls around again!!

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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