Catalina Cruz Sexy Waitress

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I had a live cam show today. In honor of Halloween, I was your sexy waitress for the hour serving everyone a hot juicy burger, but I ended up getting a plump, warm hot dog. Brandon came into the show with his “hot dog” literally on a hot dog bun. I just wanted the meat though, so the bun got quickly tossed to the side:) If you happen to miss the show or came in late, it will be going up in my archive section of my members area tomorrow.

My next live cam show will be Wednesday, November 5th and we will have a new President as well so it will be an All American theme depending on if who I vote for wins the election. *wink* If not, I am packing up my bags and heading for the hills. lol Or… I will do my best Sarah Palin impression for you and seduce the Maverick.

Have a good night everyone! Just wanted to stop in and let you know how much of a good time I had during the show today, if you were there, thanks for coming to the show!

Here are a few more behind the scenes photos from the Playboy TV shoot.


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