Catalina Cruz in Palms Springs

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I spent the past weekend in Palm Springs and at a race in the California mountains at a motocross race. The race had its ups and downs literally. I braced myself as we drove up the mountain with no guard rails. That is always a good time making sure you don’t veer off the mountain and fall a couple thousand feet to your death. lol It was very beautiful though so it was worth it. The race didn’t go smoothly though as we had bike issues and couldn’t finish that day and more importantly our fellow, young AZ friend and rider was severely injured and air lifted out. He is stable now and has a long road ahead of him. Motocross is a love/hate sport and at times I question why we do it. I wish my families passion wasn’t so high for it but I will support as long as the heart is there. It’s hard though to trust what is right.

On to a much less serious noteā€¦ I am having such a great time with members at my live shows lately. Here are some screen shots from my last live chat and play. My next live show is this coming Saturday, the 17th at 1pm est and afterwards I will be doing some one on one Skype chats with current members starting at 2pm est. Make sure you have the passcode with you on Skype so I know you are a member and can accept your call.

I hope your week will be a productive and happy one. Let’s make it that way! Hope to see you on Saturday.


Catalina Cruz

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  1. klass

    Catalina, you are great!Hope to see you soon with other men acting with you! Is there any chance?

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