Catalina Cruz cancer awareness

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I try to be one of those positive people with an attitude when life throws lemons at you, then you make lemonade. It is difficult to always to keep that happy attitude up at times when life throws health issues into the mix. My mom is as close as a best friend as a mother can get. She loves me unconditionally and is one of the most open minded women I know coming from the era that really frowned upon sex. I am very lucky to have such an amazing woman like her. She just had a biopsy a few days ago on her breast and we are awaiting the results. She will have a second biospy as well on the 19th. Hopefully all will turn out negative. I am sharing this here because I want to encourage everyone to go get their yearly exams that you are suppose to do. Don’t wait and put it off. Time can be everything. I am included in this speech too as sometimes you learn from others and get that nudge you need to just do it.

Thank you to all of you that came to my live chat & play last night. Here are a few #selfies from before the show. Note to self: Do not put braids in your hair when its damp at night and sleep that way, you will end up with big 80’s hair. lol

Love, Catalina Cruz

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