Catalina Cruz Bobcats

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Sadly, I know what most likely happened to my kitten, Tommy, that got out more than a few weeks ago. There have been several sightings of groups of bobcats really close to my home and the fact that I have no neighbors on one side of me where it is more open and lots of places to hide, prey and attack. I am really upset about losing him. I have gotten a new kitten not to replace him but for a buddy for my other adult cat, Mikey. The one we lost was his best buddy. I have learned that bobcats rarely will attack humans because they get easily scared by us so they recommend if you see one in your yard to spray it with water if you can or make a loud noise. It would be really exciting to see one because I am a huge cat lover but at the same time I’d probrably freak out too! Thats one huge pussy!! lol

Now on to other pussy, which I am sure you would much rather hear about 🙂 Another brand new update just went up for you. Lots of new sexy photos of me playing with my new glass toy. Also, two new hot videos of my girlfriend, Sandra.

Don’t forget to take the time to vote tomorrow!! I will be at the voting booth tomorrow no matter what. Wednesday will be the start of a new era and I also have a live web cam show too. Hope to see you then!

Love, Catalina

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