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I just got home from taking a lunch break with my cousin, Danielle. She also moved here from the Midwest years ago but now she will be moving to Canada soon. The biggest deciding factor in her mind is the healthcare system here. It’s amazing the differences in the countries. I’ll miss her but I understand completely. I think more and more people are going to be forced to do this if the system doesn’t change. So, this is where I should be writing, “Dear Mr. President….” especially considering it is Presidents Day. Mr. Obama is coming to my home state, Arizona tomorrow due to this state having one of the highest forclosure rates in the US, so I have heard and seen actually too. The housing market prices have gone way down. ok… so this turned into a depressing blog but after visiting with my cousin, all these issues are on my mind right now. They are real and cannot be ignored.

My job is to get your mind off of all of this even if it’s just for a short while. At least, I hope to do that. We all need to release and relax thats for certain!! I have a live cam show tomorrow if you want to come play with me live for an hour. I’ll bring the toys 🙂

Here is a pic of me at my last shoot waiting inbetween sets in the jacuzzi outside in lingerie petting a cat. lol Only in porn would you find this scenario. I love animals, everyone says I am the cat whisperer. They just seem to come to me.

Sending you all good thoughts today. Find something to smile and laugh about everyday!!

Kisses ~ Catalina Cruz

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4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz behind the scenes

  1. sunny

    i was passing by and just wanted to say some serious blog entry dude. While you write to Mr President, be sure to add that we need extra Policemen/women here where i am! Oh and did i mention ‘CATS AWESOME’? no i generally do mean the animal. Lol keep it up because you’re starting to become my 1 and only biggest fan out there. Much love, xoxox

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