Catalina Cruz Beach Party Pictures

Margaritas, bikinis and a threesome in the mix! Thats just how my last live escapade was with Miss blonde bombshell Candy Manson. This show was my first ever live FULL sex threesome. I’ve always done live threesome BJs and I have now graduated. It was just how I pictured it which I was surprised by. We all shared so well! That is the key is knowing how to please two other people equally. They both were amazingly sweet to me and really cared about how I was feeling. Here are just some very tame teasers. You will be able to see both xxx shows if you missed them in the archived in full along with all the kinky hardcore photos too when they go up.

Today is a relaxing day. I am cooking right now and the last round of Supercross is on live tonight! Our family is crazed motocross fans if you don’t know by now. I tweet about it from time to time. Its pretty much a lifestyle for us. I would like to say I have nerves of steel now but my heart still skips a beat every time we race. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to it.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Find something to smile about always. My next live solo chat will be Friday, May 10th at 8pm est and I also have 2 more special live events planned for you all May 15th at 6pm and 8pm est! Hope to see you all there.


Catalina Cruz

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5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Beach Party Pictures

  1. Rick

    This is pretty close to a dream scene for me. I have always loved tropical settings, and Catlina is so gorgeous it seems like such a perfect combination. I have always wanted to see her on the beach in a remote tropical island setting, like Tahiti, The Scheyelles Islands, Fiji, or Mauritas. The only complaint I have, is that her scene is with a woman. Now, don’t get me wrong…I LOVE WOMEN, but I would have preferred a scene where two buff good looking guys( not named Brandon) and Catalina have fun together. I know Catalina you had mentioned doing a DP in a recent post. If you ever decide to do this, PLEASE….NO TOYS, no strap ons and no Brandon….just two buff good looking guys! I like to hear that you filmed your first threesome on video. The time you film your first DP with two men, will be your most popular scene you will have ever done, and one that so many of your fans are begging to see from you! Much love to you and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….. A DP in a tropical outdoor sertting with 2 men(no Brandon) and I will be so happy!!

  2. LA gim

    Will Catalina do dp in the future? Considering she took a lot cocks in her ass lately …

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