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My online adventures go on. Isis & I spiced it up live on cam in the kitchen together this past Tuesday.  We had three flavors of body frosting to taste test on each other. It was definitely made for sex. The cold chocolate made my nipples instantly hard.  Chocolate is an aphrodisiac in so many ways other than just eating it.  My day with Isis was a must see reality show.  You will see what I mean what you see it all, everything from our sex scenes to just simpy interviewing her.  I simply loved sexy little Miss Chatterbox so much! Lots of sexual energy even between scenes. I really appreciate that she came out to Vegas to play. So, if you are reading this Isis, thank you for the good time:)

Ok, so Wednesday’s show sucked balls… well literally. I did lick and suck balls and even got fucked in our pretty hot tub in our suite live but then the chat room was the worst I had ever experienced in a decade of playing online. It was bizzare & so this was the very first time I had a meltdown live on cam! lol So thanks to the a-holes that ruined the show. *thumbs up* But, also I do want to apologize to the majority that were feeling good, and that it got spoiled towards the end. Normally over the years I always just ignore people like and just enjoy myself & sex but it was a very weird room. Most likely they say its someone you know but who knows.  Thats all I will say about this. Just wanted to bring it up to those that were there and wondered if I was alright.

Thats all for now. Im happy to be home & today is a wonderful day because I just finally signed an exclusive contract with a company. We have been going back and forth for three months! I will tweet & blog about the press release soon so stay tuned. This is a huge deal for me & Im extremely excited to share the news with you.


Catalina Cruz

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