Catalina Cruz spirit of halloween with a bunny blowbang

Fall is slowly coming around. I see all the Spirit Halloween stores opening up already. It is time for another round of cosplay and fantasy scenes for me for the next few months. I have lots of special treats lined up for you this fall! This is one of my favorite cosplay kinky videos that is up in my members area. A bunny blowbang that members and fans can’t get enough of. I loved shooting this for you. It was so erotic and kinky to crawl around to please these bunny lovers. I do love giving blow jobs. I love knowing that someone else is feeling good and enjoying themselves. if you haven’t watched this scene yet, I think you will love this oral fetish scene.

Here are some teaser photos from the video. Hop on in and get naughty with me! Love, Catalina Cruz

8 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz spirit of halloween with a bunny blowbang


    Ufff what surprises come a spoiler please, maybe a ir gang bang, a gang bang triple penetration, an orgy, bukkake, the possibilities are endless, I always ask in your live presentations if there is any special announcement, to know a little more about That will be successful and as always you are the best, because you do not include Brandon on the 15th show in the next special show you could play a role of swingers in the show it would be great, but it is only a suggestion waiting on September 15.



    @Sergio Konokowski
    She never said she would do a sex show with other boys, I never talk about a blowgang bang, less of a gang bang, or imagine an I.R. sex show or a dp, she surprises me more and more, her work is very versatile, this year I would expect a gang bang with 5 or 6 men, on October 31 and at the end of the year an I.R. Gang bang with 4 or 5 men in 2020 would be great surprises. Never tell Catalina that she wouldn’t tell you if she would do these shows, if she wishes, she can surprise us in incredible ways.

  3. Jeremy

    I really want to see a bisexual MMF threesome with you so badly. Two buff and hard men please!!!

    Please do a bisexual threesome with two guys, Cat!

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