Catalina Cruz ready to play with 4 guys in Las Vegas live on cam

Another weekend is here and I will be spending some time with members today at 1pm EST. No matter what is going on, I love to take time with my members. Thank you for choosing and joining my site when you have so many other choices. Remember, this coming Wednesday at 9pm EST I will be live with Chanel Preston, Ryan McLane, Donnie Rocks, Jack Vegas and Tommy Utah all in one live cam event!! It is going to be raw, live and wild so make sure to come watch us all live on July 20th!

Catalina Cruz and Chanel Preston Blowbang Live Porn – July 20, 2016

I’ve been getting people asking me through email and social media my thoughts on the GOP saying porn in a public health crisis. First let me say, when I vote I vote based on the person and not with a party. So I can go either way during an election. I get use to this kind of drama every single year when the candidates use different issues as platforms to get votes and have things to talk about. I am all for protecting children and parents monitoring website usage. What upsets me very much is when the porn industry gets the finger pointed at them for crimes like rape, gun violence and child pornography. These are crimes that can be committed by a sick person with ANY job or career. If you watch the news, just how many teachers have been in trouble with the law for crimes against kids. So, I caution everyone to not judge an adult entertainment industry. There is so many amazing, caring people that work in porn and just like in any industry there are good and bad people. The myth also is that people in porn are dirty. Through my eyes, it is safer than when people who aren’t in the industry that sleep around without testing. I get tested consistently and require a recent two week test when I work with anyone. Usually my test is brand new before I shoot with anyone. I know I do not have to explain but these are my thoughts on this issue. Last time I checked, I still live in the United States. The home of the free and I truly hope it stays this way. Just like when an adult chooses to have a drink, an adult should have the right to view porn if they wish in an appropriate setting of course. Everything in moderation:)

Here are a few photos from a new photoset that just went up for members. Hope to see you all at my next live cam shows!!

xoxoxo ~ Catalina Cruz

5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz ready to play with 4 guys in Las Vegas live on cam

  1. Holov

    great announcement : Catalina and four guys . Hopefully more blowbang shows this year . Perhaps with more boys … By the way , Chanel has a lot of experience with black dicks . Catalina can take an example and also suck at black dicks . perhaps in the near future …It is always fascinating watching this beautiful woman sucking on several dicks. Please keep it up Catalina!

  2. Rick

    I know, right!! The fans have been begging for DP and gangbang for years, I really hope she acquiesces to those requests!

  3. luru38

    I dream of so many years (since 2006, 2007, etc) seeing our Love Catalina making love with a number of guys.
    Since 2015 she started hopefully some very nice blowbangs and I like to say thank you to Catalina, my dream came true !! Catalina you are so beautiful, thank you for sharing with your fans your fantasies. KISS

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