Catalina Cruz hot bikini selfies and fun in the desert

Bikini season has started in the desert. It always starts early and comes on strong. I don’t mind the heat though. I’ve gotten used to it and I tend to get cold easily so since I’m naked or close to it a lot, it is the perfect place to live for me. Here are some selfies before my live cam show I did this past Tuesday. I have done so many live cam shows and at times it still seems new to me. I get butterflies still every time before I go live. I like it that way though because it doesn’t get old to me. This was a no taboo Tuesday show as one of my members calls it. I practiced and played with my forbidden sweet spot to get ready for my live DP show in May. Mia Lelani and Reena Sky Give Catalina Cruz DP Anal Sex Lesbian Threesome May 17, 2016

On a serious note, over the years, sadly there has been quite a few prescription drug overdoses in the adult business where there was a death or have come very close to it. WWE legend, Chyna passed away just yesterday. Early reports are saying that is it from a prescription drug overdose. My thoughts are with her family and friends right now. I truly believe people are still so accepting of prescription drugs especially doctors who seem to still write out prescriptions so easily and give into addicts manipulation. I have seen it even within my own family. If you are hurting and you know deep down you don’t need prescription drugs anymore, reach out, ask for help from anyone who you are comfortable with. Time is of the essence because waiting just one more day could be your last. It is so dangerous because people are mixing so many together and may not even realize they are overdosing. I think it is a topic we just skip over and don’t talk about enough. It has started but still needs to be addressed. Here is a link if you need a hotline or help:

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4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz hot bikini selfies and fun in the desert

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    sweet horny pretty woman!
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  2. Cornell

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