Catalina Cruz boy/girl anal sex live cam show April 10, 2017

My live boy/girl anal sex show is tomorrow, April 10th at 8pm edt. No, you aren’t losing your mind. I moved it one day forward if some of you are wondering. It will be an oil play show too. I know many of you love my oil shows and you know what? I do too!! In honor of the show tomorrow, here are a few apple bottom pics.

I also wanted to let you know I have a new bundle package now that has been requested from time to time. Now you can get 1 year access to my site and a 30 minute private one on one cam with me for a very low fan friendly price point. I know some of you come back and forth joining my site so I thought you might like this option. I appreciate you so much and love playing and getting to know some of you. The private cam with me is scheduled with me directly by email after you join.

Hope your heart is happy today! Hope these pics brought some smiles to your day. Xo Catalina Cruz

4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz boy/girl anal sex live cam show April 10, 2017

  1. mike

    Oh Fuck What “A” fuckin Show That Was Cat !!
    Happy Birthd”A”y Brandon -hahaha
    that lucky stiff is living out my wett dream -haha
    cuz i want that sweet spot too , and you know this lol
    so don’t be so shy ,practice with me please cat ,practice makes perv-fect lol
    your great cat ,so fkn sexy ,were lucky you share your juicy self with me / us
    that was a hell of “A” show !!
    Thanxxx for making drool over your ass lol

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