CATALINA CRUZ – I always feel the sexiest in just jeans and a top

I always feel the sexiest in just jeans and a top. These jeans are my favorite! So, so soft and I love the 80’s ripped look. I did one of my last live cam shows just like this and had such a good time chatting, flirting and doing I think three cum countdowns that I know some of you love. Here are some screenshots from my last show and it is now up on my official site and my OF too. Enjoy the pics and vid if you missed it.

I have been in quarantine since last Thursday night. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I have a rough cough especially in the late afternoon and nighttime. I think I am struggling more because my mild asthma flares up when I do get sick. I really cannot imagine if I didn’t get all the shots so I am glad I did. I know everyone is tired of talking about this and hearing about it but now that I am experiencing it first hand I cannot stress enough that I do think it is so important to get vaccinated even if I can reach just one person and change their mind maybe. I know it is a personal choice though so I love you all no matter what. I will keep you all updated. I do feel well enough to be on my computer some and I even took some pics so I am grateful.

Sending you all lots of love and care. I scheduled two live cam shows for January 19th and January 26th. Hopefully I will be up and at it by then!!! Love, Catalina Cruz

Catalina Cruz

8 thoughts on “CATALINA CRUZ – I always feel the sexiest in just jeans and a top

  1. Valentino Sao

    This horny milf does IR? New acts please. Can’t believe something so pretty works in the porn business.

  2. FrTuiSat

    Same boring stuff. Catalina, go work with Brazzers or someone, and some variety in partners would certainly help

  3. Sergio Konokowski

    Currently there is probably no chance of IR or gangbang scenes. The enchanting Catalina Cruz is probably slowly withdrawing from the porn business and delights us with her numerous appearances in various social media. You can also earn a lot of money with it

  4. John

    IR, blowbangs, gangbangs please. Catalina Cruz is a great performer. Love her perfect pretty face, perfect body and her big fantastic tits

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