Get to know Catalina Cruz with the all new Catalina Connect

Two happy announcements today…. More handjobs are coming for members as I am getting more requests for them ever since I released Holiday Handjob. I posted a few teaser pics here from it. I do love making people feel good so maybe this is why I love doing them. Ha!

Catalina Connect – One on one sexting

I have just launched Catalina’s Connect, a way for me to connect with my members privately through a messaging system inside the members area where we can chat one on one and send photos and videos to one another too. It is open as we are still tweaking it. I go in there daily to read and respond to messages. This is much better than any other social platform because I don’t have to worry about deletion or what I post as much. I feel like a free bird. I am excited about this.

I have a live cam show January 30, 2021 @ 1pm ET. A Saturday show! Come watch and play with me tomorrow.

As always, I am thinking of you and wishing all good things for everyone. Stay positive as I really believe in this to have a healthy mind and body. Love, Catalina Cruz

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