Catalina Cruz free private 1 on 1 cam shows March 11, 2018

If humans could only truly see and feel in one another what is in a person’s heart and soul, we maybe could treat one another better or at least understand each other more. I think this is what being in the porn industry has taught me the most is to be aware of how I treat others. You are pretty vulnerable when you are in the adult industry and in the public eye with social media, websites and in person so we get exposed to a lot of judgement and opinions. I see it for myself and I watch from afar when it happens to others. It is hard to watch at times. Everyone needs to remember, our paths and lives are all so very different, the way we grew up, the experiences we had or didn’t have and of course the choices we make too. Some of the bravest, passionate and hardest working people are those that I have met or come across in adult entertainment. What I am trying to say and has been said many times before is be kind for you never know what a person has gone through, why and what their current situation is. Everyone, no matter what your career or life is like is just trying to be successful and live life.

Want to meet me privately on cam? I am having a members appreciation session Sunday, March 11, 2018 starting at 1pm ET for two hours. These one on one cam shows are free if you are a member of my site. The details on where to go and the passcode you need are inside my members area. I will be meeting people one on one on a first come first serve basis. It is like a meet and greet in a store but it will be online. I will spend a naughty or nice 5 minutes with each person. Hope to meet you Sunday!

Here are a few photos from a new set that is coming for member soon! My kinky threesome scene with Victoria and Marcus is releasing March 9, 2018 too! Love, Catalina Cruz

10 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz free private 1 on 1 cam shows March 11, 2018

  1. Huger 78

    she always writes so clever and wise formulations – nevertheless, in her art collection an extensive ir gangbang is missing – with this beauty – that would be unique!

  2. Hello

    there will be an ir scene or blowbang, gangbang action with this hot lady in the next future?Unfortunately, there are no new announcements from Catalina Cruz what fans can expect this year šŸ™

  3. Jacko

    I agree with Hello. Unfortunately, no new surprises planned. I do not want to say it’s boring because everything what Catalina does has great quality, but news would be great, like the promised DP

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