Catalina Cruz has a naughty little secret to tell you about

I have a tale to tell, sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well:) Yes, I have a little secret that I have been hiding from fans/members of my site. I am shooting a special scene in the next few days that will release at the end of this month or beginning of March. It will be with men and that is all for now. I am the worse at keeping something a surprise. I tend to want to give little hints away! I get to use an accent in this scene. omg I hope I don’t fail. If I do, hey at least the sex will make up for it! lol Anyway, I hope you are excited too.

I hope to see you all at my next live cam show! I will be live on cam with Riley Reid this coming Tuesday at 8pm est. Now is the time to join, there is just so much going on! Live special cam events tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday!

I am off to pack and get ready for shooting. I hope you all have a safe & happy weekend. Love, Catalina Cruz

9 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz has a naughty little secret to tell you about

  1. Chil

    what kind of accent? LOL oh no you just cant keep a secret can you..I better quit sending you naughty pics,seeing I’m running for councilman .haa

  2. Ben

    Did you intentionally mean to start this blog off the same way as Madonna’s ” Live to Tell”, or was it completely fortuitous?

  3. Cole babe green

    Well, Catalina – surprise me with your secrets! Let’s hope for a very special surprise! 😉

  4. Gorgo Roma

    Like her very much. She is top !!! Catalina Cruz has a great beauty. Worth to watch. And in the end better scenes with the same guy than no scene at all.

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