The good news is a good orgasm makes pain go away:)

So, some of you know if you came to my live cam show yesterday that I went to the doctors on Monday and ended up having a chip fracture on my elbow bone:( My elbow had been hurting for about three weeks or so and didn’t know what was wrong. There was no bruise or anything so I never would of thought I fractured it but must of hit it pretty hard maybe on my kitchen island or something (I have been known to bump my hip into that damn island in the past) So, anyway when the doctor came back with the x-ray I was really suprised to see the chip of bone off of the tip of my elbow. He said it will either heal on its own or I may have to have surgery to remove it. So, we will see how this plays out. He mostly hurts when I have to close the car door, or if I forget and lean on it. In any event if you watch my live show in the archive from Monday you will notice I hit it on accident a few times and cringe. lol The good news is a good orgasm makes pain go away:) lol

I hope your day is going smooth. I wanted to pop in to say hello. I am about to edit some porn right now. Hope it is an exciting one:)

Sending you love!

xoxo ~ Catalina

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