So, let me take you away to my island of pleasure today

It’s Veterans Day today. I always think of my Grandparents on this day. I would sit through many talks with my Grandpa about his war stories, they were just terrible. So, ok so this isn’t so sexy but it’s on my mind. The meaning of Veterans day is the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. Learned that from him:) And for those of you thinking this question… what they would think of me doing this website… well my Grandma, while she was not doing good before she passed away was looking at me funny one day as she was laying in her bed and I looked at her and said, “What?” I actually saw her looking at my chest but wasn’t sure that what I was seeing was right. She said to me…”You should go bigger.” At that point she knew I had gotten my boobs done and she thought I should get them even bigger. lol I about died myself when she said that, but I just love her for how open minded and carefree she was for a woman in her 80’s!! I guess the wild side runs in my family.

So, let me take you away to my island of pleasure today for some relaxing fun! I just launched my brand new sex filled tour of my website along with a makeover of my members area. Diamonds are a girls best friend so, guys I just had to have some on my island. hehe I think you all will really enjoy my new members area, the navigation is really simple and easy on the eyes. There are more features too and it’s only going to get better within this next week too.

I have a hardcore boy/girl LIVE cam show tomorrow, November 13th at 12noon est. Whatever happens in my cam shows stays in my cam shows…. well ok, not really because I archive them constantly in the members area but it sounded good anyway:)

Take it easy everyone! Live Life!

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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