No Comments on Smiles

My family tells me I am too friendly like it is a bad thing sometimes. It’s just me I guess. But, I have noticed nowadays when you smile at someone just passing it’s almost not politically correct unless it’s someones job and providing a service and just has to be friendly. I think it is sad personally. Whether it’s the gym or an adult convention where we are all in the same business. (you all would be surprised as to who is sweet and who is a straight up bitch pornstar/internet girl) Whatever it is let’s be happy. God damn it! lol Maybe it’s just because the world is so messed up right now and everyone seems to have things they are going through. But, something as simple as a smile really can make a difference, at least it does for me. There is nothing worse to me than when I get a dirty look from another woman/man for absolutely no reason at all. It’s just disgusting and rude. Well, aaahhhh I feel better now.

Tomorrow I have a live cam show at 2:00pm est. See you then with a smile. 🙂

I am putting up two behind the scenes video today of my last trip to Los Angeles. Just check the whats new page in a bit for it.


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