One of the most depressing days

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Valentines Day is suppose to be a day of celebrating love but it is one of the most depressing days according to mental health experts. I will tell you that from a lot of e-mails I get every year the days leading up to and on Valentines Day I know this is true. I just look at it as a day to do something nice for someone else even if it is asking a friend to lunch, giving someone a compliment, a smile etc… just to get out of a depressing funk, it always is the best pick me up in my opinion. So, get out there today, don’t hide:)

I have been thinking about getting a puppy recently. I need to subside my motherly urges. I have always had very strong ones. I know just how much you guys love MILFs. hehe I will let you know what I decide.

Sending you lots of love today!!


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