Not sure still if I should of gotten that personal

I went to sleep about 1am last night well this morning and was up at 6am or so again. It wasn’t a ton of sleep but I slept sound. I feel like I have a hangover minus the alcohol. I was at a motocross night race. I get freaked out every time I go to this track because it is located right next to a state prison basically. I just get an eerie feeling especially late when I have to drive down the stone gravel road where it’s pitch black like a dark cave and the only lights you have is from your own headlights. aaaaaaaahhhhh! lol I am such a drama queen sometimes. It was a good time though. Today I am going to get some work done and then spend the afternoon outside poolside in a sexy bikini for you:)

I just wrote in my naughty diary in my members area too. This entry isn’t sexual but I shared some very private life things with you. Not sure still if I should of gotten that personal, but hey my thoughts and life are a part of me.

I’m off for now…. going to take a warm relaxing bubble bath. I hope you all get some relaxing in today too!!

All my lovin’~


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