Lost Voice

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I am now home from Vegas. The good news is I already miss it, I had such a good time. The bad news is I have totally lost my voice. I started losing it Friday and now I can barely whisper. I feel a little run down but overall it’s just annoying that I cannot talk which sucks for me because I love to chat it up. Every time someone would talk to me for the rest of the trip in Vegas I couldn’t have a conversation which I tried really hard which is the reason why I lost my voice totally now plus I was cheering and screaming when I shouldn’t of been at the Supercross Saturday night. My family is deep into motocross racing so I am a big fan of the sport. One of my favorite riders, Chad Reed won the 2008 Supercross Championship! He is from Australia and has the sexiest accent. mmmm mmmm

Tomorrow I am back in the gym. I lost my motivation for about a week so it’s time to get my ass back into a groove once again. I did reschedule my live sex show for this coming Friday, May 9th just so I can give it a little more time so just maybe my lost voice will come back again and you can actually hear me enjoying myself during my show. *wink*

Look for a brand new explicit photoset and video of me coming this week as well as updates of all my Fantasy Girls too!

Sending you love and good thoughts!!


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