It’s amazing the feeling of an orgasm can have, I just love it!

My day was a wide range of events yesterday from spending an hour live on cam, which by the way, is now in my archive live cam show section of my members area now if you missed it. (hardcore boy-girl live show:) that was the fun part of my day. Then it was downhill from there. My oldest cat who moved with me from Ohio four years ago, I’ve had her about six years or so. She has been struggling with cancer and I just recently found out it’s gotten to the point where there is nothing I can do for her anymore. She has gone through two surgeries one just very recently. So, yesterday afternoon I ended up taking her again to the vet because now her breathing is getting awkward and she is not walking well. Bottom line is I have to put her to sleep. I took her home with me after the appointment so we could have one more night with her. She ate her food last night and came around a little more so it’s really difficult to know when is the right time. I fucking hate it. I wish I wasn’t such an animal lover but I just am. Plus, I have years of memories with her.

I know this is not such a sex filled blog but had to vent.

If you are having a shitty day too and want to feel an good orgasm come and in and play. It’s amazing the feeling of an orgasm can have, I just love it!

Until next time ~ Catalina

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