It’s 8:20am in the morning.

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It’s 8:20am in the morning. When I walked outside I felt like a piece of sizzling bacon. The sun heat up my skin so quickly. It would be safe to assume it is going to be extremely HOT today. Tonight I will be at a motocross race watching a family member race. My heart jumps when I see a racer crash and I cannnot see from afar who went down. It’s a dangerous sport but then again so is football as well as many other sports. I once saw a basketball player during a game I went to hit his head so hard like a watermelon hitting the cemet that the ambulance was called. There is a risk with everything. I guess I am such a girly girl I worry about these things.

I stayed in last night and rented the movie, Memoirs of Geisha. My only regret is that I would of seen it sooner. Sony presents it as a Cinderella story like no other. I agree, it’s a story that I think both men and women should see. It would be one that I will go out and buy so if you have a chance and have any interest in seeing it, give it a shot.

Speaking of giving it a shot *wink*… I have a boy/girl shoot coming up so stay tuned for many more naughty girl videos and photos. In a few weeks I will be getting together with Hustler’s very first contract girl, the super bad girl… Jessica Jaymes. She is no longer with Hustler so I was sure to get my soft, exploring hands on her right away. I just added a gorgeous photoset of Jessica to get you warmed up inside the members area. There is also a brand new “Meet Me Upstairs” pink shot photoset of myself. Never can there be enough pink! Don’t we all just love pink. It’s such a sexy, feminine color. mmmmm

I hope you all are enjoying the start of your summer and weekend. Here is the qoute of the day:

“Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.” –Rodney Dangerfield



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