I love glass toys, they heat to your bodies temperature

Sometimes I wonder what the point of going to the gym is when I just got back from getting cake batter ice cream with snickers and strawberries in it?? lol mmmm mmmmm tasted so good baby!! Today was a very productive day. I got a lot of sex videos edited and ready to be watched by all of us horny people on the internet. I still get turned on when I am edited videos which surprises me because I see so much sex and am around it often but what I say is if it is not turning me on then it’s not a very good video. So, I think you will enjoy whats to come.

Here is a couple Behind the scene photos from last weekend’s adventure. As you can see by the smile on my face I am enjoying myself as the camera is rolling. I love glass toys, they heat to your bodies temperature and it feels amazing to me. If you haven’t played with a glass toy with your sex partner just yet, try it! Just might have to break that one out this evening before I shut my eyes to dream:)

My next live cam show is this Wednesday night, June 20th at 9pm est. Hope to see you there. I’ll bring my glass toy too! :):)

Have sweet dreams everyone!


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