I have a special announcement for you all.

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Do any of you listen to Jim Rome on the radio? Yes, I am a clone and Jime would likely refer to me as a skank aka “slut”. I love listening to him though. My love of sports is what brought me to him. I’ve been a clone for about four years. I have wanted so badly to send in my “takes” through e-mail but I have decided to remain silent to not sound like too much of an idiot. I think I’d do good though but what are the chances of them reading an e-mail on air from an internet porn star:)

In case any clones out there get horny too…. I have a special announcement for you all. Austin Kincaid and I will be LIVE on cam together Tuesday, March 18th for a explicit girl/girl event. Looking forward to having her over in my hot seat again! Our last show was boring! haha I was basically showing her how to do a live show and we just played a tiny bit. It was such a tease for me too. I am ready for the real deal:) Hope you can make it. I will archive the show for those that cannot make it.

Just wanted to pop in to send you some love today. My next live show is Tuesday, Feb. 26th.

Until next time ~ Catalina

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