Happy Birthday

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Hi! How are you today? I just got home from getting a french pedicure. My feet feel velvet soft and so relaxed. The woman gave me the most amazing massage which you get during the pedicure on your lower legs. I’ve had them before but she stood out with her skills. I’ve got to take care of my little tooties for all of you that ask to see my bare feet during my live cam shows. I added my last couple live shows from the past few weeks in the members area. Both were live sex boy/girl shows. My next live show is Monday, September 17th.

Every year I am so surprised at the e-mails I get from some of you to wish me a Happy Birthday… remembering is so sweet of you! Tomorrow is my actual birthday, September 14th so I will be working in the morning and then taking the day off of the computer. I’ll be goofing off, some shopping, seeing a movie, and then in the evening going to dinner. That’s the beauty of the internet you can make your own schedule and hours so I am grateful.

I am off now to go to the office for awhile to do some filing and record keeping… thats the not so glamourous side of my job which you don’t need to hear about. *wink* Just picture me doing it nude and then it will become interesting:)

Just popping in to say hello. Enjoy the weekend!! Until next time…



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