Football season is finally here!

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Football season is finally here! I went to the grocery store recently and I got a big smile on my face when I saw the displays in the front of the store selling drinks with a big football display! Just love it! I am a total football fanatic. For those of you that have heard this before, sorry. I just get so happy every season! I grew up as a child being around the sport. My mom worked for the Cleveland Browns for many years. So, I sat on many players laps waiting for my mom to finish working sometimes on the weekends when they put in overtime. I didn’t realize it then how cool that was. The only con to growing up like that was Sundays when the actual games were on because my mom’s mood was based on whether they lost or won because it determined what would happen in the office on Monday. And we all know there was plenty of bad days. My heart is definitely still with the Browns and Cleveland. I always say next year every single year but I still stay loyal. I am growing to like Arizona since I have been here for a couple years now. I live very close to the brand new Cardinals Stadium. wooohoooo!!! My mind is on football today because I recieved an e-mail from an old friend giving me a hard time about my love of the Browns. Here is the very sweet poem he set to me. I posted it on my fantasy board in the joke section but thought I would post it here too for you football lovers:

What the hell is a Cleveland Brown?
A Bengal is a tigerAnd a fast plane is a Jet.
A Cowboy comes from Texas
And a Raider’s tough I’ll bet.

A Viking’s from the frigid north.
Seahawks live near the sea.
All are names of football teams,
Just like they ought to be.

But there’s one name that makes no sense
It causes me to frown
Can anyone enlighten me?
Just what’s a Cleveland Brown?!

I don’t know if it is true,
But I think I’ve heard a theory;
That Cleveland named its team
After the color of Lake Erie.

Brown does not describe
A big and strong athletic man.
It’s what’s inside the diaper
Of a baby Steeler’s fan.

The guy who named this football team
Must be the Cleveland clown
Who else would think to call
A football warrior a Brown!!

If I’d been born in Cleveland
And there my life was spent,
I’d find another team to cheer
From pure embarrassment.

I myself, have always loved
The Steelers Black and Gold.
I did when I was very young,
And I will when I am old.

But why’s this name an adjective
When it should be a noun?
Can anybody tell me
What the hell’s a Cleveland Brown?!

I am only posting this out of love for my fans who give me a hard time *wink* Just for some trivia… The Cleveland Browns were actually named during a contest to name the team when Paul Brown was starting the team and coaching. Out of all the entries they received, “Browns” was the most entered. So they say in honor of Paul Brown thats where the name came from which I think was awesome.

Enough football talk… I got off on a rampage. The photo above is of me getting poked with a stadium hot dog. hehe. A brand new XXX full length boy-girl video just went up this morning in the members area. In the beginning of the video there is a little behind the scene footage of me shooting while my face is covered with the goods of the end of the video if you know what I mean. If you don’t… well you just have to come see for yourself, baby!

xoxoxo!! Catalina Cruz

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