Naughty Little Angel

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So yesterday during my live cam show one of the cords pops out while I a deep into a messy bj. Yeah… it was just wonderful to come back to my computer screen only to see the chat room going nuts because they missed the surprise ending. The happy ending it that I recorded the whole show and it is now available to watch in my members area now. It reminded of when I was watching one of my favorite shows and the cable went out just as it was about to end. Talk about wanting to smash the tv. hehe Anway, my apologizies to all that were affected in this incident:)

My mind and body has been rushing around like nascar lately. I flew into LA over the weekend and brought home tons of naughty photos for you to take a peek at when you have time. Check out my new “Naughty Little Angel” photoset. Here is a couple tame ones for you above.

I have my hands into something really exciting and mainstream too. I will not jinx it now but you know me I tend to be very chatty. Cross your fingers for me with this one guys.

Sending you all some lovin’ today.


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