Catalina Cruz – Giving Thanks 2013

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. First, it’s the one time of year I actually enjoy cooking and get very excited about it. It’s also a time where no matter what is happening in my life, I like to take time out and be thankful and think about all the positives. So I’d like to take a time out from the web chaos and give twenty things I am thankful for in no order, just whatever comes to mind…

1. My parents and some immediate family who knows fully what I do for a loving and loves and supports me unconditionally. In a year that was a tough one at times, they stood by me through it all.

2. Brandon, who is the hardest working webmaster and partner a girl could ask for. Willing to work around the clock to keep things running smooth no matter what. Thankful to be in business during the recession.

3. My mini me who is my shopping and laughing partner in crime.

4. Crystal, our new makeup artist and assistant. Celebrating our one year with her and couldn’t of found someone who works so hard and willing to go the extra mile with smiles always.

5. Freddie, my orange tabby who wraps around my shoulders every single morning to say hello.

6. Motocross, that has kept my family happy and busy yet another year.

7. Thankful to be healthy and no mx hospital visits recently.

8. To still have fans who enjoy watching me and interested in what I’m doing. Fans/members keep all of the above and below “thankfuls” going for me.

9. Thankful to be living in a state where I am not struggling to get my car out fo the snow right now and not getting frost bite from fifteen minutes. Recalling many years of doing this.

10. My girlfriends in Ohio who keep me grounded to my midwest roots.
11. Thankful to Kevin in NYC who helped us scramble to get a bank this year who doesn’t discriminate against the adult industry. phew!

12. Thankful to all the gorgeous pornstars who showed up for my live cam events with smiles and made the days smooth and a blast. It was a year of amazing, sweet girls.

13. Thankful for my neighbors directly next to me that are open minded and just as crazy in a good way.

14. Thankful for the palm trees that I get to look at everyday. Never thought I would live somewhere where there are palm trees. I thought the west coast was another world when I was little.

15. Twitter and Linkedin where I can connect with everyone in real time and I have not been deleted like other social networks.

16. The gym where I go to and the senior citizens who some have better bodies than some 20 something year olds and keep me motivated to squeeze my buns.

17. Thankful that I am in a position where I can choose to only work for myself still.

18. That I live in a country where I have so many freedoms and choices compared to other countries where women would be killed or stones for.

19. Unsweetened ice tea that I drink just about everyday with strawberries.

20. Thankful that my parents taught me to wake up each day with a purpose and goal no matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love ~ Catalina Cruz

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