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As I show my body online for the world to see, I do have a brain too. So, it is time for me to take time out to blog some serious thoughts.

I’ve seen so much hateful fighting on twitter and blogs since the adult industry has been put on hold due to the recent HIV cases. Arguing over whether condoms should be mandatory or not and who is to blame for all this. The bottom line is we all need to take responsibility for our own decisions and actions. With risk comes consequences. Please don’t do a ten person orgy without a condom and then blame the adult industry. It’s just not right. It is your own choice in that situation. In the beginning of my entrance into the adult world, I “escaped” LA many times because I wasn’t comfortable and ready. It wasn’t their fault. I am the one who pursued it and got onto that plane at first. So if you need to “escape” because a situation doesn’t feel right to you, always listen to your gut. I’ve recently had to look at myself in the mirror because I lost an immediate family member because of the career I have chosen. I may see it differently but ultimately it was my own choice to get into the adult industry, a career where many still treat you as a plague and a bad person. There will always be consequences for the risk I took. My videos and photos will always be on the web and I can never take it back.

So, as I was doing my daily morning news surfing, I came across an article on CNN of a seven year old Syrian refugee and his four year old brother who endured injuries from the violent fighting and just how much they both have to go through on a daily basis just to survive. It truly puts things into perspective of the things we focus on and argue about. If you think you have it bad, there is always someone in the world who is fighting a much harder battle. This is the reason I mainly read every morning. It is a strong reminder of what is truly important. Here is the link to the article…

Ways to help Syrian refugees if you can…

Thanks for giving my brain some love too.

Catalina Cruz

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