Brrrrrrrrr I already miss the hot summer!

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Brrrrrrrrr I already miss the hot summer! I am such a freeze baby. We got wicked rain today in AZ which we needed but it all came in one day. Hopefully it will break for my flight tomorrow to California. I will be up bright and early at 5am, I will not be happy until about 8am though. lol I’m going to be shooting naughty photos and videos. Should be a good time. I am sacrificing going to the Cardinals vs. Browns football game tomorrow, thats my only regret but an orgasm might just make up for it:)

I went to the Sandbar and grill last night in Peoria which just opened up and had a few beers which is rare for me to drink. I had such a good time, it felt good to relax and giggle. That will be a great place to go especially when it warms up with the outdoor bar they have.

I am thinking of you guys as always. Just wanted to pop in and send my love. I’ll be home late tomorrow night.

Love ya!


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