Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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Hi there! I took a little break today and headed off to the hair salon today. I have some sexy thick bangs now with a little splash of caramel color but overall it is still a deep chocolate color. I feel like a sex kitten, I really love what they did. It’s super healthy and shiny. Got to take care of yourself so that sex drive stays high:) I’ll take some new photos soon so you can take a peek.

I have to admit I am a little happy that this month has come to an end. It was a very busy one with seven days of porn production. It was a lot to put together but the outcome is some of the most erotic and sensual videos I have ever laid my horny eyes on:) If you are a member of my site or www.fantasygirlpass.com you are going to get access to yet another brand new website, which will be coming soon at the end of November.

So whats new? Let’s see..November 6th, my girlfriend Austin Kincaid is coming out to AZ to visit. I am really looking forward to seeing her. She is sweeter than all the Halloween candy I am going to be eating tomorrow night:) I could eat her all up and I may do just that. Then, on the 10th, I may head out to Las Vegas but that is up in the air for now. My family will then be coming out around the 18th for Thanksgiving for a little over a week or so. I am looking forward to cooking a large turkey day dinner! I love how the house fills up with all the wonderful holiday scents.

Other than that… I have been working everyday editing sexy videos and then some boring office work that sucks but has to be done.

Just added a new explicit water photoset of me called “Spray that ass” hmmmm Two samples above for you.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!


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