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I had a blast playing skee ball at Chuck E Cheese yesterday! lol There was a family b-day so we partied and won lots of tickets. 🙂 My life is very balanced, let me tell you. I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are tons of birthdays coming up, it’s hard to keep track of them all. At the end of the month, I’ll be headed most likely to Vegas for a friends birthday party… perfect place for a friend to live for me. *wink* It’s one of my favorite places to get away to.

I ended up seeing Micheal Moore’s movie, Sicko. Simply just plain sad and our healthcare system has got to change. It made me want to move elsewhere… to say the least as far as other countries healthcare systems, they have got it made and then some. We’ve got to stop voting no on taxes and spend a little more so we can save more lives and live longer and stop spending so much money on weapons and war. I know it’s a touchy subject but it can’t be ignored any longer. WTF… why was an infant turned away at a hospital in New York, she HAD insurance but the insurance company wanted her to take the baby to another hospital??? So by the time she took the baby to the other hospital, her daughter had died. Incredible. Her mother begged for the doctors to treat her even though the insurance co. said no and they still would not. This wouldn’t of happened in just about any other country. My mom has diabetes and cannot get health insurance here. I am grateful that I do this for a living so I can help her financially. *sigh*

Sorry for the ranting… I guess I would like to help change things. Well, now that I got you all in a serious mode… time to switch back to the sex channel….I added a new hi-res photo gallery to my members area called “Mas Boobies”… Here is a few pics above from this new colorful set. Lots of pink insertion pictures for you to fill up your screen with. I had a good time with my toy.

I am leaving this weekend for LA, short trip, just a couple days. I’ll be seeing a lot of crazy pornstars and capturing everything on video for you too.

Special thank you to all of you that have voted so far for me for Booble Girl of the Year. I think I am currently in 4th place and am riding up to 3rd slowly. If you haven’t voted for my hard nipples and big breasts yet, there is still time. Thank you!! The banner is at the top of this blog, just click and it will take you to my page to vote.

Kisses all over!! xoxoxo


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