How nice is it to be so much closer to Las Vegas.

I am about to take my girlfriend Amy, who is visiting from Ohio to some shops in Cave Creek in a bit and get some lunch later too. I have been taking a little time off spending time with her since I only see her about once a year… my family left yesterday so I had lots of visitors. Everyone loves beating the gloom of Cleveland and coming out here, so I have been having quite a bit of fun… but Monday I am back in the saddle:) Austin and I are shooting some very naughty scenes this week. I am also going to be scheduling a live cam show this week so check my schedule for dates and times. Probrably either Monday or Tuesday.

Here is a couple photos of me gambling and letting loose from my candid photo section. How nice is it to be so much closer to Las Vegas. These were here in AZ but gotta love all the poker chips! I think Vegas is calling me again… I think I need a time out though:)

See you this coming week live on cam!! I miss you. I hope you all had a relaxing Memorial day.

I am off now to play… I’ll write more this week about our adventures. Going out dancing Friday night. I am looking forward to shaking my booty.


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