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This has been a truly busy week… not the type of busy where one says they are busy but yet goes shopping, finds time for long lunches and all day my space bullshit… can you tell I am in the “things we think but dare not to say” mode? Well, it’s been a long week but very productive. I flew into LA Monday for a photoshoot and got it on with Dean Capture again. Not literally but we make love when we shoot together. I brought you all back lots of highly erotic content that will make hopefully keep your hot rods roaring. I had fun with some anal play with one of my new toys. I think you will find it kinky and very naughty! I was so turned on during the shoot.

I had a live show today already in the members area. It was truly a BLAST!! We all took our silly pills and the chat was entertaining. It was a live boy-girl sex show too and it will be archived in case you missed it. I got juiced all over my apple bottom:)

Last night I attempted to do a live show on in the celebrity event section which I was flattered that they asked me to do one It was frustrating because of technical issues which happens once in a great while when you are dealing with computers and the internet. It can be a love/hate relationship sometimes. In any event the live session has been postponed until Monday night. This will be a free live chat with me, you’ll be able to see me and hear me. Please come by and have some fun with me.

I just put up a new girl/girl video of delicious Brooke Haven and myself. We were so into one another during the filming. Brooke does this gently biting of my lips when she kisses that drives me crazy. I love when a woman knows how to kiss and enjoys herself. I should let you know that most of kissing was done to our other pink, juicy lips. And…of course Brooke is now officially Licensed to Lick sweet pussy.

Qoute of the day:

“Later later later later. It is too easy to say “later” because we all believe our work to be too important to stop, minute to minute, for something that might interfere with the restless and relentless pursuit of forward motion. Of greater success.”

-Jerry Maguire Mission Statement

Have a good weekend to remember everyone!

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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