2007 Mercedes CLK 550

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Hmmmmm, I wonder what has gotten me so surprised/irritated in the above photo? This is a screen shot of my brand new video coming soon on February 26th. I am getting excited again just thinking about that day. Who says three is a crowd??

There was a crowd today out on the highway driving. I don’t think anyone works here in AZ because it’s so damn beautiful and sunny. I just bought a new car and some guy was messing with me on the highway, I was driving pretty fast… I have a heavy foot:) well… he caught up with me and got on my ass and then changed lanes, pulled in front of me and slammed on his brakes. I was sooooo mad, and if anyone knows me I am a goody two shoes when it comes to swearing and getting angry but I gave him the bird. lol What a jerk, I was scared honestly because I thought I was going to slam into me which I think was his motive because then it would of been my fault. I don’t know. lol Strange. I wasn’t scared for me, I didn’t want to wreck my pretty car! Maybe the car made him angry, it’s a 2007 Mercedes CLK 550 It’s lipstick red:) hehe The better to french kiss you with baby.

Speaking of french kissing… I have been updating my website alot lately so please don’t be shy and come on and play. My next live webcam show is Friday, February 23rd. Have a relaxing weekend! I’ll be flying into LA on Monday to shoot and will come back with lots of sex filled action for you!!

xoxo!! ~ Catalina Cruz

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