I’ll take you to the candy shop!

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I’ll take you to the candy shop, I’ll give you a taste of what I got… good thing this blog is not voice activated. lol Here are a few tame teaser photos of my new student, Mikayla and I from my new Licensedtolick.com website which my sweet members now have access to for free inside the members area. Mikayla came out of her shy girl shell quickly with that sexy moving tongue of hers! My body is starting to tingle just thinking about her. I’ll be updating this site regularly just like I do the rest of my website. I hope you will enjoy yourselves.

Friday at my live cam show I’ll be doing some sex trivia and giving away some gifts. It should be a good time and you never know what Santa will bring so come on by if you can. If you can’t I will be doing it again for the New Year too. I will be live on my cam Friday, December 15th. Make some room for some naughty playtime.

Seduction quote of the day:

“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, so let your imagination go wild…”

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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