Licensed to Lick

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Hi!!! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack:)

I am still catching my breath after the past four days. I am home from LA now and getting ready for some down time for Thanksgiving. Yesterday my live cam show from this past Saturday went up in the archives of Emilianna and I. It was a girl-girl party all weekend long! Eight lucky, beautiful girls have managed to get their “Licensed to Lick”. It was an eventful weekend and I have so many candid pictures to share with you. I’ll be blogging a lot this week about it so stay tuned.

Friday I spent some time with You can see a little video clip of me on their video section talking about crashing on a little 50cc dirt bike. *blushing* I also had a blast on Friday with radio station Power 106. They let us bring in our video camera so I have all the footage of the adventure. That video will be up this week for you. I was on the Top 4 at 4 with Tito and the crew. I teased him and of course was topless as you can see by the photo above. I Lovvvvvvve Tito’s voice , although I still can’t figure out what he was saying half the time. I can’t wait to go back and bring some License to Lick sexy girls with me:)

My present to you for the holidays is a brand new website in my members area. Licensed to Lick will be up in a few weeks or so and you will get total free access!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll be blogging before then though. Talk soon!

xoxoxoxoxo!!! – Catalina Cruz

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