I had an unusual night.

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The weekend is over but the party has just begun:) Well, anyway if you think of it that way it may help. I had an unusual night. Around 3am my security system alarm went off in my house. I thought I was dreaming at first then realized it was the alarm. Jumped out of bed and ran over to the upstairs hallway and looked down over the railing to see if I could see anything or anyone downstairs. It’s hard to see though because the rooms are not all visible. Such an eery feeling comes over you when fear sets in. I really was nervous. I have a remote to turn off the alarm so I decided to shut it off and then went downstairs when I realized I didn’t see or hear anything. I went back to bed and turned on the alarm again. I figured if someone was in my house it would go off again when they moved. Then, it all came together… I heard some loud meows coming from downstairs outside. My sweet cat Smokey apparantly got out before I went to bed and was outside most of the night. I didn’t know she was out because she is the only one that doesn’t sleep in my room. I know now that she was the one setting off the alarm. I think she was trying to jump into the windows to get back in. I felt so terrible so I spent some time with her and gave her a lat night snack:) I am thankful it was my cat though and not anything else or should I say anyone else.

This is going to be a live cam show week! I have three more live shows this month for you!! Tomorrow I have one so come on in and play with me. I just archived my show from last week. The screen shot above is from my last cam show. It was a bj show. Thanks for all the high voted you gave me for that show. You rated it a 9.4 out of 10. wooohoooo

It’s going to be a very busy end of the month and next month too. Lots of kinky shoots planned. I am planning something special for all of you soon too. It’s time for another special live show. I’ll announce it soon:)

Have a great week! Stay happy!

xoxo ~ Catalina Cruz

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