Good Morning! It’s a beautiful one here in AZ.

Good Morning! It’s a beautiful one here in AZ. Loving the cooler weather! And… I am loving that I did pretty good in my football picks. 10 out of 14 so far isn’t too bad. We still have the Monday night football tonight though. I was dissapointed in a few of the games I lost though, I thought Pittsburgh would win for certain. I had a blast yesterday watching the games. I need to set up a camera when I am watching the games because I would get caught jumping up and down and yelling at the tv just like a guy although the good news for you all is my boobs get some heavy bouncing action. lol

Three more days until I head off to Las Vegas!! wooohooo! I cannot wait! I will be checking out Scores for the first time one of the nights I’m there. I am not one to frequent strip clubs that often which is ironic for me being in the porn business so when I do it is a treat for me and I have a lot of fun watching the girls. I am more of a voyeur but who knows maybe I’ll treat myself to a freaky lap dance. hehe

As you can see from the photo above Jessica Jaymes & I got some playtime together. There is plenty more explicit photos of us together. You can see all of them in the members area. We literally drooled all over each other:)

If you happen to have the day off today, enjoy yourself. if not, don’t work to hard. Stay sane & happy! Indulge yourself in an adult website. It is no sin in my book. *smile*

Lots of Love~

Catalina Cruz

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