Here are my football picks for week 5

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As promised, here are my football picks for week 5. I can hear it now, what does an internet porn girl know about football? lol I am having so much fun with it. So far, my record is damn good. That could all change soon, I know. Good Luck!

New England – Miami Cruz pick: New England

New Orleans – Tampa Bay Cruz pick: New Orleans

NYG – Washington Cruz pick: Washington

Chicago – Buffalo Cruz pick: Chicago

St. Louis – Green Bay Cruz pick: St. Louis

Carolina – Cleveland Cruz pick: Carolina

Indianapolis – Tennessee Cruz pick: Indianapolis

Minnesota – Detroit Cruz pick: Minnesota

Kansas City – Arizona Cruz pick: Arizona

San Francisco – Oakland Cruz pick: San Francisco

Jacksonville – NYJ Cruz pick: Jacksonville

Philadelphia – Dallas Cruz pick: Philadelphia

San Diego – Pittsburgh Cruz pick: Pittsburgh

Denver – Baltimore Cruz pick: Denver

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Catalina Cruz