It’s 6am and I have the windows open here in AZ.

It’s 6am and I have the windows open here in AZ. We are finally seeing the triple digit weather go away. I have goose bumps all over me because I am actually chilly. October is here and I am loving it! To celebrate the fall and staying indoors more I am planning to bring you lots of tricks and treats this month. Today, a brand new XXX boy-girl very hi-resolution photoset is going up. I have itsy bitsy, tight white shorts on with suspenders topless of course in the set. The sexy, white shorts do come off and I get the hot beef injection. I think you will enjoy, I know I was very satisfied. *wink*

For all of you football lovers out there, you will be proud of me to know that I am #1 in my football pool this week as well as overall for the past 4 weeks. Wooohoooo! I have to keep my mouth shut though and not get cocky or it will jinx me. I was thinking I will start posting in my blog my football picks for the week. I’ll do it mid-week so watch for that. I am not responsible for any gambling losses though. lol So far though I have done very well. If you feel like having some fun with me, e-mail me your picks with just your first name or any “stage” name and I will post your picks on my blog so we have multiple picks.

It’s time again to vote for my boobs this month. I came in second place last month and this month I am currently in first. Thanks for loving my “Booble” breasts so much! 🙂 I placed a banner on the side of my blog to click to vote.

Take it easy this week. Enjoy life! I’ll be posting in my blog Thursday with my football picks for this weekend. Stay tuned!


Catalina Cruz