It feels so good that I got goose bumps.

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It’s before 7am here in AZ and I already went for a ride. It’s so cool out. It feels so good that I got goose bumps. It’s suppose to stay cooler throughout the weekend which will be a nice change of pace. I love this time of year! Last night was the first regular season football game. I watched the whole game. I am in a fantasy pick football league with my family this year. I picked the underdog, Miami to win last night. It didn’t happen but they surely came close. It was a great game to watch. I still wonder if one of those Pittsburgh touchdowns were legit, though. I had so much fun jumping up and down and cheering. I just love it! I am really looking forward to this Sunday. The only downfall of last night is that I ate more than usual pizza so I will be hitting the gym today. My favorite pizza is Papa Johns. mmmmm mmmmm

I will be playing LIVE on cam today so if you are looking to release some sexual energy come on in! I am in the mood for some oil all over my body especially my booty. How does that sound? Sounds like a slippery sex plan to me! I’ll be oiling up the juicy apple you see in the above photo. *wink*

I made plans yesterday to go out to Las Vegas in October then again in November too. Both trips are mini vacations. I am really looking forward to having some serious fun!! I am not a huge party girl by any means but once in a while I can let loose in a good way. It’s always a time to remember. Hopefully, the gambling gods will be with me too.

I hope you all have a super relaxing weekend. I’m planning a birthday cam show for you all next week. I’m giving YOU all a present for my birthday as a way of saying thank you to all of you for playing with me over the years. For the record, I am turning 21 again Thursday. hehe The show will most likely be on Wednesday.

xoxo ~ Catalina Cruz

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