A little bit under the weather today.

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A little bit under the weather today. I am a bit down today which is strange for me because I am typically an upbeat all smiles person. If you have been a member for years you would know how I am usually. There is nothing worse than going to a live show of a girl that is crabby and bitching at the people who have come to watch her and worship her and doesn’t want to be there. lol Ok… I got a laugh out of myself. There is so many girls like this so I hate to bitch to you all that I am sad and down today but hey it’s life, right? Anyway, so I rescheduled my live show for you all so please check my schedule for my next live sex show.

By request, I have another new explicit photoset with my glass toy in a silk cream blouse that I wore during my last live cam show. Here are a few tasty teaser photos for you above. You can see the whole dirty set inside my members area. It just went live this afternoon for you.

For all of you Video on Demand lovers out there. I just got my signed contract back today with Hot Movies which they will be helping me bring all of my naughty XXX videos to you guys that like it that way so watch out for that coming soon! Also, Licensed to Blow Volume #4 with Adam & Eve is releasing February 26th so watch for this one to add to your LTB collection:)

I love you guys! Hope all is well on your end.

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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