Party at the Playboy mansion

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People are on a rampage today on the roads! I’m sure it will get even worse as the days are counting down until Christmas. I went to the “maul” today to do some more holiday shopping. I made it back alive and well:) I also made it back safely from the holiday Video Secrets party at the Playboy mansion this past weekend. I added a whole gallery of intimate candid photos from the day in my members area today. Here are a few photos above from that night. I literally had to be just about carried out at the end of the evening which is rare for me, but it was such a good time that I didn’t mind paying for it the next day. I spent time with some great friends and made a few new ones on the dance floor! hehe

Now it’s time to slow things down a bit and spend time quality time with family for Christmas. I will however be around working though as I simply cannot get away from it and I do love it. December 30th I will be leaving to go out of the country for a full week and then come home for a week and then off to Las Vegas for a convention. You guys will be spoiled in my members area even while I am away, I have been planning lots of naughty updates to keep you happy and hard:):)

Thinking of you always!! Happy Holidays!


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